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Participating Agencies

Allen County Parks

7324 Yohne Road, Fort Wayne Indiana 46809 449-3180

Mission: To establish and manage a permanent park system incorporating conservation, education, outdoor values and nature preservation, and to provide recreational opportunities for the people of Allen County within this structure.

ACRES Land Trust

1802 Chapman Road, Fort Wayne Indiana 46748 637-2273

Mission: Dedicated to preserving and managing natural areas since 1960, and to educate about the significance of protecting these natural areas.

Little River Wetlands Project

7209 Engle Road Suite 200, Fort Wayne Indiana 46804  478-2515

Mission:  To restore and protect wetlands in the Little River watershed southwest of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and to provide educational opportunities that encourage individuals to be good stewards of wetlands and other natural ecosystems.

New Haven Parks and Recreation

1125 Hartzell Street, New Haven Indiana 749-2212

Mission: To develop and maintain quality parks, including natural wooded areas, to provide facilities and programs for people of all ages, and to plan for the future recreation facility and activity requirements to serve the year-round recreation needs and interests of the community.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation

705 East State Blvd. Fort Wayne Indiana 46805 427-6000

Mission: To enhance the quality of life in Fort Wayne by providing positive opportunities for leisure time and by being stewards of our park lands, facilities, public trees, and other resources entrusted to our care.

Fort Wayne Trails

300 East Main Street, Fort Wayne Indiana 46802 969-0079

Mission: Fort Wayne Trails acts as a community partner and advocate in the development of a connected, multi-purpose system of trails in Allen County.

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