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What is Allen County Trailblazers?

This is a cooperative community health and nature appreciation venture between a group of local park and resource conservation agencies.  Allen County has an array of incredible natural areas, parks and nature preserves to serve the population with opportunities for hiking.
Mission: To encourage and promote exposure to the outdoors, provide opportunities for physical fitness and mental wellness, and to increase the awareness and support of all participating agencies.

How does this program  work?
You can download a trails form from here or the Allen County Trailblazers Facebook page.  It has the list of trails for the year and their locations.  Hike 10 of the 14 listed trails between July 1 and December 31.  Put the date you hiked on the form next to the trail.  This must be a printed form and cannot be filled out online.

How do I get my award?
Bring your completed, signed form (1 per person) to the Metea County Park or Fox Island County Park nature center, the Fort Wayne Parks office or the New Haven Parks office to get your medallion, which looks like this à

What about the hiking stick?
You can buy one of those at the same locations you turn your forms in, for $5.00 each.  Sticks are available only to persons who have finished their hikes, since we only want active, committed participants to get these.  We are not making any money on these and prefer not to retail sticks to the community at large.  You can use the same stick for future years and put all your collected medallions on it to make an impressive and useful hiking heirloom!  The ßsticker attached to the stick will look like this.  You don’t have to use our stick – you can put your medallion on your own stick also.
How do you attach the medallion to the stick?
It comes with a set of small nails.  The way to avoid bending them is to hold the nails with needle-nose pliers while gently hammering them in.  If you have trouble, make arrangements with education or administrative staff at Allen County Parks to help you.
Who are the participating agencies?
ACRES Land Trust, Allen County Parks, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, Fort Wayne Trails, Little River Wetlands Project, and New Haven Parks and Recreation.
Will the trails always be the same?
Every year the selected trails on the list will change, so you will have the chance to see many areas and parks.
Will the awards always be the same?
The color or design of the medallion will change every year.
Allen County Parks normally charges for admission.  Will I have to pay?
If you have a County Parks pass, you are in free.  If not, show your hiking form at the gate or nature center desk to be allowed free admission for one day at each park.
Are dogs allowed on the trails? Check the 2020 Trails page for individual trail information. If you see this icon       it means that pets are allowed on that particular trail.. Little River Wetland Project trails are the only trails where pets are NOT allowed. Allen County Parks does allow pets on all trails now. All pets MUST be on a leash though!